White pepper is a popular culinary spice that comes from the dried ripe fruit of the pepper plant, Piper Nigrum. This condiment is commonly used in dishes that require a peppery bite without the black flecks such as White sauces, creams, and soups, etc.

However, if you ever fell short of this spice, you can try some white pepper substitutes to bring similar flavor in your recipes.

Not all of these substitutes will give you the exact flavor and taste because of the difference in appearance and pungency. But, they will bring a flavor close enough to save your dishes.

Continue reading to explore the best alternatives to white pepper that you can try. 

white pepper substitute

White Pepper Substitutes

1. Black Pepper

Black pepper can be the best bet when it comes to substituting white pepper. It’s because both of them come from the same plant but processed differently.

Black pepper has some properties that aren’t present in the white one. That’s why Black pepper is more pungent and contains more heat. [1]

While using black pepper in a dish that calls for white pepper, substitute 1/2 tsp of black pepper for 1 tsp of white pepper. Remember, your dish will have some black specs.

2. Pink Pepper

Pink peppers are actually the dried fruits of the shrub Schinus molle, native to South America. They have a similar appearance and mild taste like that of whiter pepper.

Due to the mild flavor, pink pepper goes well with pale dishes, meaning that it can be a great alternative to white pepper. [2]

While using in a recipe, use it in the same quantity as white pepper. You will find no significant difference in the dish.

3. Green Pepper

Like the white and black pepper, green pepper also originates from the Piper nigrum plant. Unlike black pepper, it is less visible in a dish, which makes it one of the perfect white pepper substitute. [3]

Green pepper is mostly available as pickled form, but you can also find its dried version and ground them to use as a spice.

As green pepper is milder in taste, you are suggested to use 1 ½ tsp of it in place of 1 tsp of white pepper.

4. Ground Mustard

Ground mustard or powdered mustard is made by grinding mustard seeds and then sifting it to get a fine powder. 

It has a pale yellow color with a mild heat and sharp flavor. It can easily mimic the flavor of white pepper, meaning that it can be a perfect substitute for white pepper in most dishes.

5. Ground Ginger

Ground ginger is the powdered form of ginger, a great spice with numerous health benefits. [4]

Its pale color and mild spiciness give a dish the same appearance as the white pepper does. Unlike fresh ginger, it does not have a strong flavor and works well in a recipe that calls for white pepper, particularly in Thai dishes.

Bottom Line

Finding an excellent white pepper substitute is not difficult if you know the right amount to use them. 

While the black pepper can be the closest substitute, you may find the black specs unappealing. But don’t worry. There are some other spices that you can use.

Most of these options are readily available in your kitchen and your nearest grocery shop. Just pick your favorite one, and you’re ready to make your next great recipe.

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