Porcini mushroom, scientifically known as Boletus edulis is a heady, rich, meaty mushroom that mostly grows in European forests under conifer trees. 

Although it was a popular item in for those who follow a vegan or paleo diet, this mushroom is now consumed worldwide due to its versatility, distinctive flavor, and rich nutrient profile.

However, fresh porcini is expensive and hard to find. In that case, some cheaper and available porcini mushroom substitutes may help you create a similar dish a calls for it.

Let’s take a look into some of the amazing options that you can use instead of porcini mushrooms.

porcini mushroom substitutes


Porcini Mushroom Substitutes

1. Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake is an edible mushroom that is cultivated in most Asian countries. It’s one of the most popular mushrooms in the world due to its rich, savory taste.

Although porcini and shiitake have a similar texture, the latter is less earthy and has a strong flavor. 

Shiitake mushroom is extremely nutritious and may help fight cancer, improve heart health, and boost immunity. It is less expensive and readily available that makes it a perfect alternative to porcini mushroom. [1]

Both the dried and fresh versions can be used in your pasta, pizzas, soups, and as a side dish with meat and fish.

2. Dried Porcini Mushroom

If you do not have fresh porcini mushrooms, but you still want to bring the same flavor and taste in your dish, dried porcini can come at your rescue. 

Widely available and less pricey, dried porcini mushrooms contain most the nutrient contents of the fresh one. [2]

Unlike the fresh porcini, the dried version cannot be grilled but can be used in several recipes like soups, risotto, stews, and sauces. Just steep them in water for 20-30 minutes, and they are ready to use.

3. Regular Mushroom

Regular mushrooms can be the easiest porcini mushroom substitutes as you can find them in every grocery shop. [3]

Both button or white mushrooms and brown mushrooms can be used in a dish that calls for porcini. While their textures are the same, the taste of the recipes will differ.

However, like porcini, regular mushrooms are also rich in nutrients and can bring unique flavor and taste in your food.

4. Truffle Oil

Truffle oil originates from a type of fungi names truffle that grows underground. It’s a staple ingredient in many restaurants’ pantries as it can enhance the flavor of pretty much anything in a recipe.

Truffle oil is cheaper than porcini mushrooms, meaning that you can go for it if you don’t want to spend a fortune. 

This oil can be drizzled over pizza, pasta, as well as vegetable dishes. While it will not bring the same taste as porcini, it can give your meal a distinct flavor and a good texture.

porcini mushroom substitutes


Some Other Alternatives to Porcini Mushroom

There are some other ingredients that you can use to replace porcinis. While these substitutes are not much popular and won’t bring a similar flavor and texture, they can at least save your dishes from being ruined.

Ingredients you can try instead of porcini mushroom:

  • Fish sauce
  • Tomato puree or paste
  • Zucchini
  • Thyme
  • Sage

End Note

Note that, mushrooms are known to soak up nearby flavors and used mostly for their texture. 

Most of the edible mushrooms available today are rich in nutrients and have a distinctive flavor of their own. No matter which type you’re using instead of porcini, you will end up with a flavorful dish.

However, if you don’t like mushrooms but still want to enjoy soups, pizzas, and pasta, there are some other options like zucchini, tomato paste, and fish sauce you can try.

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