Cottage Cheese is one of the most popular cheeses. It is an excellent ingredient for healthy dishes.

Its benefits are numerous. It is tasty, low in calories, versatile and affordable.

It is inexpensive and easily found!

But what if you are lactose intolerant? Or you ran out of it? What if you can’t find it in stores? What if you just don’t like it or its taste?

So we have come up with 10 great replacements for cottage cheese!

You can get all the nourishment of cottage cheese without having the cheese itself!

In this post, you’ll know more about:

  • What is cottage cheese?
  • Some health benefits of cottage cheese
  • Why look for substitutes for cottage cheese?
  • 10 great substitutes of cottage cheese

Keep on reading to know more!

What is Cottage Cheese?

Cottage cheese and its use has been dated back up to 1831. It is a fresh curd cheese product.

Cottage cheese is soft and creamy with a mild taste. It has a slight flavor and is considered as a fresh cheese as it does not go through an aging process.

It is believed that the origin of its name is because the fresh cheese was most of the time made in cottages from the remaining milk after making butter.

The process of making cottage cheese is quite simple. It is not pressed while making and curd is usually washed to remove acidity. It gives a sweet-curd cheese. There are many different types of cottage cheese like hoop cheese or farmer cheese. The different fat levels while preparing the cheese makes it different.  [1]

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Some Health Benefits of Cottage Cheese

If you’re wondering if cottage for you cheese has health benefits, then the answer is yes. Cottage cheese nutrition includes providing protein, phosphorous, selenium, riboflavin and calcium, to name a few.

In World War, I U.S. citizens was encouraged to consume cottage cheese as an alternative to meat products. [2]

The benefits of cottage cheese are:

  1. It is great for losing weight quickly.
  2. It can be consumed easily with no need to or easily cooked.
  3. Cottage cheese has very high protein content.

Why Look for Substitutes for Cottage Cheese?

Cottage cheese is great for your body, but prolonged consumption of cottage cheese can cause adverse impacts on your body.

Here are some side effects of the cottage cheese:

  1. Cottage cheese has no fiber material.
  2. Cottage cheese restricts calorie, and excess intake of cottage cheese may cause the body to starve.
  3. Also, you may get bored quickly as the variety of the diet is very limited and you will not meet your nutrient needs.

If you do not want these risks then, in that case, we have 10 substitutes!

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10 Great Substitutes of Cottage Cheese

If you want a cottage cheese substitute, then there are numerous options from which you can choose!

These substitutes would provide you with similar nutrients as of cottage cheese but without the harmful effects.

1. Greek or Plain Yogurt

One of the replacements of cottage cheese could be yogurt. If you are looking for the sour taste of cheese, then yogurt or sour cream can deliver that.

It works fantastic as a substitute for cottage cheese in any recipe like fruit bowls, salad, and desserts.

The taste and consistency might not be the same as cottage cheese, but the nutritional properties are very similar. And Greek yogurt is pretty tasty on it own!

In fact, Greek yogurt is creamier then cottage cheese and would be perfect for cooking desserts or fruit related dishes. [3]

2. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese has similar properties like cottage cheese. It is an Italian cheese made from sheep, cow, goat or buffalo milk.

The flavor of ricotta cheese is a little stronger and creamier than cottage cheese. The texture is similar so you would hardly notice the difference after cooking.

It has lots of health benefits. Including ricotta cheese in your diet boosts your calcium intake. It also contains sodium, carbohydrates, and protein which contribute to your energy needs.

But one thing that must be mentioned is that ricotta cheese does have a higher fat content. So if you are trying a cut down on the fat intake or maintain a healthy diet, then it is better to avoid this option. [4]

3. Eggs

Another ideal substitute to cottage cheese is egg white. If you are looking for similar nutritional value as to cottage cheese, then eggs might be what you are looking for!

One of the most popular uses of cottage cheese is for breakfast. Eggs can easily replace cottage cheese for your breakfast.

Eggs are affordable, accessible to find and a nice replacement to cottage cheese. Also, it is a lactose-free food, perfect for people with indigestion or lactose intolerance.

Most importantly egg whites have much less calorie than cottage cheese, making it a more suitable choice for a healthy diet.

If you are wondering how to separate egg whites, it is quite straightforward. Take a small bowl and use it to separate the egg whites from the yolk. Make an egg white omelet and enjoy a delightful meal.

Another way is to hard-boil eggs. Boil some eggs and keep them in your fridge to cool them down. Some might find the process of boiling it more time consuming, but it is a good substitute.

4. Mashed Tofu

Tofu is another excellent substitute for cottage cheese. If you are vegan and looking for vegetarian options, then tofu is perfect for you.

Tofu has similar protein content like cottage cheese. You can use tofu squares in place of cottage cheese.

If you mash tofu, it will also take on a similar consistency as to cottage cheese. You can change the uniformity of the tofu paste depending on how you plan to use it

For that, you need mild-flavored and non-firm tofu cakes. The flavor of mashed tofu is different than cottage cheese, but regarding consistency, mashed tofu will resemble cottage cheese more than any other item in this list.

5. Chicken

One of the reasons people include cottage cheese in their diet is because of its protein content. But many people don’t know that chicken breasts are full of protein.

The number of chicken recipes is numerous and easy to make. Including chicken to your meal will boost your protein levels and make your meals more versatile!

Keep chicken breast slices in your refrigerator instead of cottage cheese and use them in your meals to get same health benefits like cottage cheese. [5]

6. Fish

Canned tuna, salmon or any other fish can provide plenty of protein.

In any meal of the day take a tuna salad sandwich with fat-free yogurt. You can also try a salmon filet. It is full of dense protein and not to mention it tastes fantastic! [5]

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7. Meat

Lean meat will deliver as much protein like cottage cheese, maybe more!

A turkey sandwich will make for a great replacement for cottage cheese.

Turkey sandwiches taste good, and they are also very convenient to make. You can easily make a sandwich with turkey meat and can carry it anywhere throughout your day. [5]

8. Legumes

Legumes like beans and chickpeas are excellent substitutes for cottage cheese when it comes to stuffings and certain spreads.

You can use chickpea puree instead of cottage cheese if you are planning to cook ravioli or other types of pasta.

Peas are one of the heroes in the world of a healthy diet!

Sure, this substitute doesn’t work as well for desserts and the protein content is considerably smaller, but it’s a good substitute if you’re looking for a vegetarian/vegan alternative for your baking recipes. [6]

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9. Fromage Blanc

Fromage Blanc is fresh cheese which originated in France. It is known for its creamy and soft texture. It has considerably less fat and a similar consistency to cream cheese.

It is an excellent substitute for cottage cheese in desserts. You can say it is an excellent spread. You can also use it for baked dishes such as lasagna.

But one drawback that it is not a popular cheese in other parts of the world. So the chances of buying this cheese are much easier if you live in France. [7]

10. Kefir

Kefir is a fermented milk drink. Its taste is quite similar to yogurt and cottage cheese. It is very well known for its health properties and curdy texture.

Kefir is rich in calcium, vitamin K2, and other vital nutrients to improve bone health and prevent osteoporosis. Osteoporosis or “porous” bone is a common bone disease

It is not possible to cook kefir. You have to drink it. So it is an adequate replacement for cheese and will provide you with the same health properties as cottage cheese. Although kefir isn’t cheese, so you might miss the whole cheesy effect! [8]

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Final Thoughts

Cottage cheese is great if you are planning to do a crash diet for a short period. But regular consumption of cottage cheese can make you nutrient-deficient, and it will be challenging to stay healthy for long term.

All of the substitutes mentioned above are healthy with numerous positive benefits. It will provide your body with more or less the same benefits cottage cheese will provide.

Mix and match all of the food items in this list to maintain a balanced and healthy appetite.

It is boring to have the same food every day!

Save yourself from monotony and try out the items from the list.

Share your experiences in the comments section below!

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