Pumpkin seed oil comes from the seeds of pumpkin, also known as Cucurbita maxima. [1]

Pumpkin seeds are a source of valuable nutrients. The seeds are rich in antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, and tryptophan that can be helpful to both men and women.

Pumpkin seeds contain carotenoids and vitamins useful for preventing prostate disease, diabetes, and bladder problems. [1, 2]

This article covers research-backed benefits and uses of pumpkin seed oil with proper user guide.

Benefits and Uses of Pumpkin Seed Oil

Following is a list of the benefits of pumpkin seed oil that you may find useful.

1. Pumpkin Seed Oil May Be Good for Your Heart’s Health.

Cleveland clinic stated an observation that the phytosterols of pumpkin seed oil compete with the body’s cholesterol and reduce the blood cholesterol level by blocking the absorption. [3]

HDL is the good cholesterol that is essential for human health. Pumpkin seed oil can improve the levels of HDL.

Some studies showed the effect of pumpkin seed oil in lowering blood pressure, but more studies are essential for confirming it. But all these studies indicate that pumpkin seed oil can work for the betterment of your heart. [4]
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2. Pumpkin Seed Oil May Support Your Mental Health.

The seeds of the pumpkin are known to improve mental health in people suffering from depression. Some British journals contain studies on using pumpkin seed oil to lift mood and combat depression in children.

Therefore, with further studies and research, pumpkin seed oil may come off as a good option for treating depression, anxiety as well as to boosting mental health. [5]

3. Pumpkin Seed Oil May Provide Menopausal Support.

Pumpkin seed oil can be helpful in combating the symptoms of menopause. A study showed significant improvement in using pumpkin seed oil for the women in menopause.

A journal of the international menopause society: Climacteric, described the use of pumpkin seed oil to improve the symptoms of menopause in postmenopausal women. [6]

It can help to relieve headaches, joint pain, and hot flashes. It also helps to increase the level of good cholesterols in women which is very helpful.
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4. Pumpkin Seed Oil May Be Good for Your Bladder.

The use of pumpkin seed oil can leave a positive impact on urinary health. The 

The urinary tract is made up of bladder, urethra, and kidneys.

According to a study in the ‘Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine,’ participants consuming pumpkin seed oil got relief from overactive bladder symptoms. [7]

5. Pumpkin Seed Oil May Be Effective for Haircare.

Pumpkin seed oil can be an addition in a hair loss program. A study performed on men concluded in an increased hair count on the use of pumpkin seed oil. In this study, the group of men consumed pumpkin seed oil for 24 weeks and at the end of it, their hair count increased by 40 percent. [8]

Therefore, you can consider including pumpkin seed oil in your haircare regimen to combat hair loss.
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6. Pumpkin Seed Oil May Be Effective for Prostate Health.

Pumpkin seed oil can ensure good prostate health. A study on Korean men suffering from BPH (benign prostate hypertrophy) showed improvement in prostate and urinary health on using pumpkin seed oil. In this research, it was paired up with palmetto oil. [9]

The oil has zinc in it which can be good for prostate health.  You may see the result in two weeks after starting using pumpkin seed oil. But the result depends on your health condition and the quality of the oil as well. [10]

7. Pumpkin Seed Oil May Fight Against Inflammation.

Pumpkin Seed Oil for InflammationLinoleic acid of pumpkin seed oil makes it one of the ideal options for inflammatory conditions. It is an essential unsaturated fatty acid packed with anti-inflammatory properties. So the oil may come to use in treating some inflammatory conditions.

The anti-inflammatory properties allow the oil to scavenge free radicals which helps to ensure good health by reducing free radical damage. [11]

Side Effects of Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seed oil can be a good option for salad dressings, marinades, and drizzles. But you should not use it for cooking as it has a smoking point of 32oF or lower which makes it inconsiderable for frying, sautéing as well as other forms of cooking.

Though pumpkin seed oil is mostly considered safe, it is better for a pregnant and lactating mother to be careful not to consume it too much as there is no evidence on its safe use in such cases.

Where to Get Pumpkin Seed Oil?

You can find pumpkin seed oil in a pill form in health and online stores. The pill form is more popular due to its availability and easy dosage. But don’t fix your dose without consulting an expert.

Bottom Line

Pumpkin has more to offer than just pies. Pumpkin seeds oil is a potent source of nutrients and therapeutic properties. [12]

You can use pumpkin seed oil to maintain a good heart and prostate health. The oil has a positive impact on mental health, inflammation and menopausal symptoms as well.
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