Olive oil or coconut oil, which one is the best oil for your hair?

We have asked ourselves this question too many times, and now, it’s time to find out the truth.

Natural oils are the best home remedies for dry and damaged hair.

Both olive oil and coconut oil have many therapeutic properties. [1, 2]

Let’s get to know the potential benefits and uses of these oils in your hair care routine.

What is Olive Oil?

olive oil for hair

Olive oil originates from the olive tree. People use the oil from the seeds and fruits, and the leaves of the tree to make medicine.

True extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) is extracted from olives using only pressure. The process is known as cold pressing. Extra-virgin olive oil has just 1% acid.

Olive oil is quite famous for its health benefits in many recipes and cookbooks. It is less expensive than most oils on the market.

Olive oil can prevent heart attack and stroke (cardiovascular disease). It can also impede breast cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, migraine, and headache. [3]

Olive oil is rich in fatty acids. They seem to decrease cholesterol levels and have anti-inflammatory effects. It’s suitable for topical application.

The oil can treat constipation, cholesterol, blood pressure, ear infections, and arthritis. [4]

People who consume more olive oil have a lower risk of developing colorectal cancer. [5]

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair

1. Olive Oil Moisturizes the Hair

Olive oil is a bit heavier than coconut oil when used on your hair. This characteristic makes the oil great for coating and protecting the hair shaft.

Coconut oil can easily penetrate the hair shaft more than olive oil and other vegetable oils. But olive oil can coat it and protect it well from environmental elements. [6]

If you live in a cold area with extreme wind, olive oil can help to moisturize and prevent seasonal breakage and dryness.

2. It Softens Hair

Using olive oil once per week can help with dry hair and help to make it softer and more manageable.

Learn how to use olive oil to soften your hair:

  • Apply olive oil to your scalp and hair.
  • Allow it to sit overnight or a few hours before rinsing it out with shampoo.
  • It works better than store-bought conditioners.

3. Olive Oil Helps with Dandruff

Olive oil can help with dandruff. A hot olive oil hair mask can work to prevent and treat dandruff. It also helps with hair manageability.

How to use olive oil for dandruff:

  • Soak your hair and scalp in half cup of hot olive oil and allow it to sit for 30 minutes to one hour.
  • Rinse with shampoo and conditioner.

4. It Treats Split Ends

Adding a little amount of olive oil to dry ends after a wash can help with split ends.

Olive oil also prevents fly-aways as well. Just run olive oil through your hair after styling. Be careful not to add too much, as this could leave hair looking greasy.

5. Olive Oil can Make Your Hair Grow Faster

A healthy scalp can ensure hair growth. The potent antioxidants in olive oil can help you maintain a healthy scalp. A regular scalp massage with olive oil may boost the blood circulation in the hair follicles. Hence olive oil can promote healthy and strong hair strands.

What is Coconut Oil?

coconut oil for hair care

Coconut oil comes from the fruits of the coconut palm.

The oil is an essential ingredient in medicine. [7]

Coconut oil can condition and moisturize both skin and hair. It is solid at room temperature.

Virgin coconut oil originates from fresh coconut meat and is not refined. This attribute makes it best for use in beauty treatments.

It has more saturated fat than olive oil, which can make hair grow more thicker and stronger.

People use coconut oil for diabetes, chronic fatigue, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s, and Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

It may also help people with breast cancer, thyroid conditions, energy, and boosting the immune system. [8]

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

1. Coconut Oil Provides Protection from Damage

Hair is the most vulnerable to damage when it is wet. Using coconut oil as a pre-wash hair mask or in place of your usual conditioner can strengthen and nourish the hair.

Applying coconut oil after wash and before styling can protect it from blow-drying and styling damage. [9]

2. It Helps with Dry Scalp and Dandruff

Dandruff appears due to fungal or yeast infection. Coconut oil contains lauric acid. It works as a potent and natural antifungal and antimicrobial agent. [10]

Coconut oil doesn’t only prevent dandruff but also get to the root of the problem.

3. Coconut Oil Offers UV Protection

Coconut oil contains a sun protective factor of 8. Thus, it can work on both skin and hair to protect from harmful, UV rays. [11]

4. It Helps Grow Long Hair

Coconut oil can stop hair loss due to its moisturizing properties. It protects the hair from pollution and damage.

Coconut oil can provide ongoing protection to your hair. The oil allows hair to grow long and healthy.

Bottom Line

Both coconut and olive oil are natural treatments for promoting healthy hair. You can use them both individually and combined.

Both fight dryness. But coconut oil is perhaps the best oil for dry hair. It is particularly useful in preventing frizz.

A combination of two oils will moisturize your scalp and discourage flakes. The combo will protect your hair from protein loss as well.

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