Ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid is commonly known as vitamin C. It is water soluble vitamin. (1)

Vitamin C is required for the best potential advancement and capacity of many parts of the body.

Vitamin C is important to human health, skin, bone, tissue. Many common fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C.(2)

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Why Vitamin C is Good for Your Health?

Vitamin c helps to protect cells balanced and keep them healthy.

It is associated with the growth of collagen, which keeps up sound connective tissues, major for the help and structure of tissues and organs including the skin, bones and veins. (3)

Vitamin C-Rich Foods and Vegetables

Doctor has recommended take to vitamin C is 90 mg/d for men and 75 mg/d for women. (4)

Vitamin C rich in many fruits and vegetables,

  •        Orange
  •        Red Peppers
  •        Kale
  •        Brussels Sprouts
  •        Broccoli
  •        Papaya
  •        Pineapple
  •        Cauliflower
  •        Strawberries
  •        Grapefruits
  •        Guava
  •        Green Peppers
  •        Lemon
  •        Lime
  •        Tomato
  •        Potato
  •        Watermelon
  •        Honeydew
  •        Mango etc.

18 Health Benefits of Vitamin C

1. Prevents and Treats Common Cold

Vitamin C reduces the duration of colds and also plays some role in respiratory defence mechanisms. Better to know Vitamin C decreases the severity of various cold, allergy and flu attacks. (5)

2. Protects from Infection and Virus

Researcher says vitamin c can protect you from different kinds of infections, bacteria, viruses and Protozoa. (6) Vitamin C strictly prevents pneumonia.

A large amount of vitamin C was in like manner found to treat of mononucleosis uncommonly high degree of white platelets that is reason of glandular fever.

It moreover fights the open radicals that may provoke mononucleosis.

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3. Maintain Immune System

Vitamin C can boost up your immune system. Insufficiency of vitamin C diminishes the body’s resistance against specific pathogens.

It is appropriate for use in different fields of medication including immunology, toxicology, radiobiology and others. (7)

Vitamin C reduces the duration of illness in healthy person without any kinds of harmful effects or occurrence. (8)

It was found that vitamin C works rapidly during infections and stress and boost mechanism of the human immune system like as antimicrobial and natural killer and performance.  (9)

Vitamin C works to develop stimulate the immune system by increasing the strength and protection of the organism.

4. Improves Heart Health

Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that you can consider to keep your heart health well.

Researchers have shown that various heart disease risks depending on plasma vitamin C concentration. (10)

Vitamin C may somewhat enhance endothelial capacity and lipid profiles in a few gatherings, particularly those with low plasma vitamin C levels.

The present study gives little help to the broad utilization of vitamin C supplementation to decrease CVD hazard or mortality. (11)

5. Prevents Scurvy

Scurvy is a rare disease nowadays but lack of enough vitamin c or people who don’t consume vitamin c properly may affect by Scurvy. (12)

Taking 10 mg of vitamin c you can safe from scurvy.

6. Treats Cancer

Vitamin C can improve the cancer patients, including reduced pain and both in the closeness and absence of chemo-and radiotherapy. (13)

Various research centre examinations have confirmed that high measurements of vitamin C can back off the development of liver, prostate, colon, and different sorts of tumor cells. The balance number of vitamin C may equally help in many diseases treatment. (14)

High-estimations Vitamin C is more unsafe to danger than it is to conventional cells, and impels going of various sorts of infection cells including mesothelioma, pancreatic, and leukaemia cells. (15)

7. Vitamin C is a Blessing for Your Skin

The profit of vitamin C extends to the skin too. Despite oral usage, you can in like use the manner vitamin C topically (like a serum) and get the prizes. The serum strengthens collagen and shields the skin from other hurting factors like defilement.

Vitamin C gives to you the maintenance of healthy skin. Vitamin C is profoundly proficient as a restoration treatment, actuating huge collagen blend with negligible symptoms. (16, 17)

A high measurements of vitamin C additionally diminishes slim spillage post a consume damage. What’s more, since vitamin C underpins new tissue development and skin, it works brilliantly well to recuperate consumes and wounds. (18)

Vitamin C can also moderately spot on structural changes linked with the aging process. (19)

Vitamin C can improve injure heal and reduces the condition of exposure to air in patients with harsh burns. The antioxidants in vitamin C also help treat burn lesions.

8. Helps Treat Various Types of Allergies

At the point when Vitamin C levels reduce, blood histamine levels rise up. (20)

Vitamin C reduces the growth of histamine, in that way preventing allergies. (21)

Ascorbic acid decreases serum histamine concentrations in patients with allergic and non-allergic diseases. (22)

According to Japanese investigation, immune system malady and the related sensitivities can equally be controlled by vitamin C. Vitamin C was additionally found to help in the treatment of roughage fever. (23)

9. Reduces the Risk of Stroke

Eating foods rich in vitamin C can prevent different types of stroke. Especially hemorrhagic stroke and Brain stress.

Vitamin C can fight against stroke by reducing blood pressure. Low levels of vitamin C can also increase the risk of natural brain haemorrhages. (24)

Brain Vitamin C meditations enhance during ischemia (insufficient blood supply). (25) Vitamin C has iron, can help to diminish stroke threat. A study shows that people with high levels vitamin C in their blood could decrease their stroke risk by 42%.

10. Reduces Depression and Improves Mood

Many studies have discovered that Vitamin C can diminish the seriousness of depressive issue in both children and adults and also enhance the mentally refresh and keep healthy mood. (26, 27)

Vitamin C supplementation was also found to diminish the anxiety in students. (28)

Poor vitamin C status is related with expanded discouragement indications following intense sickness in more established individuals. (29)

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11. Vitamin C is Good for Sex

Vitamin C has Increased Frequency duration of Sex. In one research shown that high-measurements Vitamin C enhanced mood and increased the intercourse frequency of adult health. (30)

Vitamin C improves sperm motility and structure in men.

Vitamin C is Beneficial The impact of adjuvant vitamin C after varicocele surgery on sperm quality and amount in barren men. (31)

12. Vitamin C can Benefit Your Hair

Low levels, Vitamin C might be a fundamental driver for various hair-related issues that control our hair development. Lack of Vitamin C may bring about dried up hair and crack finishes.

These situations are awful for the normal growth in hair and in the long run prompt male pattern baldness.

At the point when human body transforms nourishment, free of charge radicals are normally shaped. These open radicals harm our hair by building it feeble, fragile, and skinny which intrudes on hair development.

Vitamin C’s cell support properties diminish the development of free radicals and limit their impact in human body.

Individuals who consume large amount of vitamin C, that they get solid, burly, and chunky hair.

Hair follicles frequently get obstructed because of dandruff. This can spoil hair follicles, also repress hair development.

Vitamin C aids battle the microscopic organisms on scalp. It averts dandruff, disposes the follicles’ flotsam and jetsam, and empowers the development.

13. Vitamin C Helps to Loss Weight

Getting satisfactory vitamin C builds the oxidation of muscle to fat ratio during work out. So, an insufficiency of vitamin C can prevent weight and fat misfortune (32). Vitamin C additionally upgrades digestion, and this guide helps to weight reduction.

Vitamin C brings down the fat gathering of fat cells.

Individuals with satisfactory levels, of Vitamin C, consume 30% more fat during direct exercise with low Vitamin C levels.

Without a doubt, Vitamin C supplementation has been related to bodyweight diminished and a huge decrease in the number of fat cells.

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14. Vitamin C Boosts Eye Health

Vitamin c particularly concentrates on the prevention of age-related eye disease. Vitamin C also aids in the restoration of vitamin E in the eye, which further enhances eye health. (33)

The study also proved that vitamin C intake can give you a lower risk of cataracts. Vitamin C that has taken with other essential nutrients, can avoid age-related macular degeneration and visual acuity loss. Even so, people who intake a large amount of vitamin C have a 20% lowest risk of cataracts.

15. Vitamin C Maintains Blood Pressure Levels

As per another Italian study, vitamin C also enhances vasodilatation (the dilation of blood vessels that diminish blood pressure). And it even prevents vasoconstriction. (34)

Vitamin C also helps to prevent blood vessel of dysfunction, motivates collagen synthesis, and enhances cell production of blood vessel cells. (35)

16. Vitamin C is Good for Your Bones

Vitamin C plays a significant role in normal bone development. (36)

Vitamin C has a helpful relationship between Human and vitamin C levels and bone health, point to by bone mineral density, fracture possibility, and bone turnover markers. (37)

Vitamin C improves damaged bone health and decreased bone formation. Vitamin C also has the ability to prevent bone loss.

17. Vitamin C is Good for Smokers

Individuals, who smoke, have brought down levels of blood and cell. (Vitamin E) Vitamin C supplements of 500 mg twice day by day for two weeks were adequate to standardize the vanishing rate of vitamin E in smokers. (38)

18. Vitamin C Provides with Healthy Gums

Vitamin c maintains the health of teeth and gingivae which remains unchallenged. (39) The low levels of vitamin C can debilitate the connective tissue and effectively separate the vessels. Vitamin C deficiency is bleeding gums.

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How Much Vitamin C do You Need?

A. According to the NIH (National Institutes of Health) the recommended vitamin C daily suggestion (RDA) for Men and women:

  •        For children 15-75 mg per day
  •        For men, 90 mg per day
  •        For women, 75 mg per day
  •        For pregnant women, 85 mg per day
  •        For breastfeeding women, 120 mg per day.
  •        And upper level is 2000 mg in a day.

Q: Is Vitamin c is harmful?

A: No. But excess consume of vitamin c is harmful to health. Taking more than 1000 mg is harmful.

Q: What will happen if I take too much vitamin C?

A: Taking too much vitamin C can cause:

These side effects will vanish once you quit taking vitamin C supplements.

Q: Can I take Vitamin C every day?

A: Obviously, You can.

Q: Can I take Vitamin C pills?

A: You can be taken recommended only after consultation with a doctor.

Vitamin c has many advantages that already have been discussed. In spite of the fact that the scarcity of vitamin C is uncommon, you should not ignore it at all. Ensure your daily needs.

Bottom Line

Vitamin C plays a vital role in the human body. People should know more about the numerous health benefits of vitamin C. It works as an antioxidant to many diseases like scurvy, common cold, hypertension, boost the immune system, lead toxicity, skin infection, acne, stroke, heart attack, etc.

If you have any queries then feel free to ask us.

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