What is Rue or Rue Graveolens?

Rue oil comes from the shrubby herb called rue or Ruta Graveolens. It belongs to the Rutaceae family of plants. Rue plant itself is medicinal.

Rue plant is good for producing herbal vinegar, different flavorings and alcohol. [1]

There are several health benefits of rue essential oil.

Rue oil may be a natural solution for bacterial and fungal infections. This aromatic oil also contains a toxic element that acts as a powerful insect repellent. [2]

Rue essential oil has a strong aroma. It has a sharp herbaceous and a fruity orange fragrance.

Let’s get to know some potential health benefits, dangers, and dosage of rue oil.

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Potential Benefits of Rue Essential Oil

1. Rue Oil has Anti-Cancer Activity

Rue herb extracts and oil have anti-cancer properties. In a recent study, rue oil extract was tested on colon, breast, and prostate cancer cells. The result confirms that bioactive compounds in rue can inhibit cancer cell growth. [3]

2. Rue Oil Possesses Antidote Substance

Rue essential oil works as an antidote for various types of poisons. It can be conducted against the symptoms of poisoning. [3]

It is immensely helpful in countering poison. Rue makes you vomit out the poisonous elements from the body.

Rue essential oil is specifically beneficial against intoxication by narcotics.

It can work against venomous snake bites especially cobras and king cobras.

These snakes contain neurotoxic venom. Rue oil contains powerful antidote for that.

3. Rue Oil can Heal Skin Problems

There is evidence that rue essential oil is beneficial for skin issues caused by fungus and bacteria.

It may aid curing eczema, boils, and inflammation from insect bites and stings. [3]

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4. It can Prevent Fungus Growth

Rue essential oil consists of anti-fungal properties. It helps in preventing the development of fungus in the body. [4]

The usage of rue oil even inhibits the risks of Athlete’s foot and dermatitis. [5]

5. Rue Oil Keeps Bugs Away

Evidence suggests that rue herb has insecticidal activity.

Rue oil has the potential to keep away mosquitoes, flies, bugs, cockroaches, etc. [6]

You can use rue essential oil as homemade incense stick. Or, add to vaporizers and sprays to keep your surroundings insects free.

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Other Potential Benefits and Uses of Rue Oil

There is insufficient research to confirm the effectiveness of rue oil for the following conditions:

Precautions, Dangers, and Side Effects of Rue Essential Oil

Every essential oil has a do’s and don’ts list. It is a must to follow them, or you will end up hurting yourself.

Rue essential oil has a list of dangers or possible side effects. [7] You need to consult an aromatherapist to learn the appropriate dosage and method of using rue oil.

  • Rue oil has quite strong elements.
  • Avoid using rue oil during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is unsafe for both pregnant, breastfeeding mother and the unborn child. Ruta tea may prevent pregnancy. Women since ancient times have been using ruta tea for abortion. Usage of rue oil may lead to uterine contractions and miscarriage.
  • Never use rue oil if you have stomach or gastrointestinal (GI) problems. The oil can worsen your condition.
  • Do not use rue oil in case you are suffering from a liver problem. The oil may further complicate the problems.
  • Do not directly rub on skin. Dilute it in recommended proportions.
  • You should never consume it without consulting an expert.
  • Do a patch test on skin before applying it topically.
  • Keep children and pets away from rue oil.
  • Do not continuously use this oil. Take a break once in a while.
  • Do not keep the oil under direct sunlight. Store it in a cool place in dark-colored glass.
  • Rue essential oil does not get stale. But it gets iodized with oxygen in the air.

Bottom Line

Rue essential oil has many potential benefits for your health. It may be effective in treating cancer, swollen skin, toothache, warts, tumors, earaches, and work as an insect repellent.

People have been using rue essential oil for a long time. Researchers are continuously studying its components and beneficial effects.

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