Lipton tea is one of the most famous tea brands in the universe. The brand was named after its creator, Sir Thomas Lipton. [4]  [3]

health benefits of lipton tea

According to a study, before Lipton entered the market, tea was considered a drink only for the affluent people. The arrival of Lipton changed that concept by making the tea available to everyone at a affordable price. [1] Many people like to drink Lipton tea for its excellent flavor and enticing aroma.

Lipton tea has many health benefits too. It contains natural phytonutrients such as flavonoids.

The tea can address skin problems and may reduce the risk of some health disorders. [2]

Read on to learn the health benefits of lipton tea, plus recommended consumption tips.

Evidence Based Health Benefits of Lipton Tea

1. Lipton Tea May Prevent Cold

Drinking warm Lipton tea can help you to prevent cold which can occur by several factors such as influenza virus.

Apart from improving your immune system, drinking warm Lipton Tea can enable to prevent cold.

As its antiviral properties prevent you from catching a cold.

The Lipton tea makes your body immune to fight with the virus that cause you to suffer from cold.

To achieve the maximum health benefits of Lipton Tea, mix it with lemon or ginger.

Now say bye to your cold by just sipping hot Lipton tea! [5]

2. Lipton Tea May Boost Appetite

Sometimes, stress can be responsible for making you lose your appetite.

You can simply overcome it by drinking a cup of Lipton tea. Yes, it is that simple!

It’s advised to drink Lipton tea regularly to regain the appetite that you lost.

That is why it makes Lipton tea so unique.

The healing effect in it spreads to all of your body and functions well internally making you feel healthy.

Also, the Lipton tea is also capable of keeping your sustain your beauty with its rejuvenating properties.

However, considering so many benefits of it, do not excessively drink it.

Just take it as the regular intake but limit it and enjoy the benefits.

3. Lipton Tea May Assist in Weight Loss

Drinking Lipton tea especially green tea while you are on a diet may let you shed those extra kilos.

Lipton tea helps in your weight loss by improving body metabolism by promoting to burn the extra fat to generate some energy in your body.

It is highly recommended not to add any sweetener in the tea if you really want to lose weight.

You can drink it in the morning or before engaging in any activities can enable your body to shed some weight. [6]

Many health experts recommend drinking green tea while you are on a diet.

According to several studies, the flavonoids and caffeine in green tea help to escalate metabolic rate and raise the fat oxidation. [7]

4. Lipton Tea May Aid in Constipation

Are you suffering from constipation? How about having some Lipton tea to get relieved from it?

Lipton tea does not only lead to better digestion, but it can also enable you to solve your constipation problem.

So, if you ever experience constipation, then you can have some Lipton Tea to get over with it.

As Lipton tea contains laxative which is an active component that helps in the bowel movement that assists in digesting better.

Several researchers have shown evidences that drinking Lipton tea helps in digestion.

Lipton tea also improves the growth of good bacteria inside digestion tract that assist in healthy digestion. [8]

health benefits of lipton tea

5. Lipton Tea May Be Good for Healthy Skincare

Lipton tea may be effective in your skincare routine. 

Including lipton tea in your diet may help you looking young and beautiful. Several active components in the tea can fight against symptoms of aging, wrinkles, age spots, etc. [9]

The phytonutrients present in the lipton tea provides can nourish the skin giving it smoother and younger look. [10]

health benefits of lipton tea

How to Consume Lipton Tea

Check out these tips below to get the maximum benefits of Lipton tea:

  • Before purchasing the Lipton tea, please check the label to ensure that the product is not expired.
  • There are several types of tea available, but the highly beneficial one is green tea which has perfect aid for your body‘s health in all aspects.
  • For best results, you can combine the tea with other ingredients such as lemon, honey, and ginger.
  • You can drink Lipton tea one hour after the meal as drinking tea assist to boost metabolism and refresh your energy.
  • For pregnant women, it’s advised not to consume too much tea because it can inhibit the body to absorb folic acid which is vital during pregnancy. Limit the drink up to two to three cups of Lipton Tea per day.

Bottom Line

Drinking Lipton tea serves many health benefits, so give up on other sugary drinks and switch to Lipton tea.

However, it is recommended not to intake green tea excessively as it may cause you diarrhea.

Limit the consumption of tea up to 3 cups of tea daily. 

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