health benefits of cactus juice

Cactus is healthy, so is its juice. Drinking cactus juice is a great way to rip the benefits of this wild and nutrient green plant.

Cactus has been in use for extracting its many nutrients for a long time. It is also known as Nopales or prickly pear juice by many around the world. 

It is native to the American continent and was first used by the Native Americans as a healthy plant. Nowadays, cactus juice is becoming popular globally. 

Cactus juice is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, C and K, mineral, and fiber content [1]. 

Drinking cactus juice can help you lose weight and ease your digestive function. 

There are many other health benefits of drinking cactus juice, which you will be able to know by reading this article.

So, continue reading as we are going to explore more on cactus juice’s amazing health benefits.

Extract These 10 Health Benefits from Cactus Juice

1. Drinking Cactus Juice May Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Cactus juice is an excellent source of soluble fiber. Drinking it can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering LDL cholesterol level significantly [2]. 

Regular drinking of cactus juice can restrict your body from depositing fats in the artery walls. Deposition of fats in the artery wall can lead to atherosclerosis, which can deteriorate your cardiovascular health.

Cactus juice is effective in treating atherosclerosis as per findings [3].

2. Cactus Juice is Good for Diabetic Complications

People who are suffering from diabetes can turn to the habit of drinking cactus juice regularly. 

In Mexico, cactus juice is conventionally used for treating diabetes. 

The bioavailable soluble fiber pectin is present in cactus juice, which is believed to help in controlling blood sugar and insulin level. It also improves blood lipids.

More studies are necessary to prove its efficiency in treating diabetic complications [4]. 

3. It Can Reduce Blood Pressure

Cactus juice contains potassium in a fair amount. If you drink cactus juice regularly, you may be able to lower your blood pressure, and eventually, hypertension [2].

Lowering hypertension supports in reducing the heart strain, which lessens the risk of heart attack or stroke.

4. It Comforts from Many Inflammatory Ailments

Cactus juice has anti-inflammatory properties [5]. It also contains antioxidants and phytochemicals [5]. 

These components provide relief if you suffer from arthritis or gout. Your inflamed bowel irritation, chronic muscle ache, high stress, etc. can be soothed if you drink cactus juice.

Many can comfort their rheumatoid arthritis by drinking cactus juice.

5. It Can Ensure Healthy Digestive System

Cactus juice has natural detoxifying agents that can clear your guts from harmful bacteria. It can treat diverticulitis and colitis.

If you drink cactus juice regularly, you may experience a reduced level of constipation and bloating problems since the laxative properties in cactus juice can drain the toxic materials from your colon and digestive tracts [6, 7].

Besides, you will be benefited by having your irritable bowel syndrome resolved significantly. 

6. Cactus Juice is a Weight-loss Diet

If you are worried about your weight and finding it hard to intake nutrient but low-calorie diet, opt for cactus juice and drink it daily.

Cactus juice is very low in calories and almost zero in fat, but high in soluble dietary fiber. This means you can drink cactus juice without being worried about providing harmful fats to your body while going about healthily in your weight-loss diet course. 

Drinking cactus juice in the morning will make you feel full and support your health function through half of the day with its amazing nutrients. 

7. It May Prevent Cancer

Cactus juice is rich in antioxidants such as phenolics, flavonoids, betalains, etc. that fights colon and prostate cancer cells, according to a study published in Plant Foods for Human Nutrition back in 2009 [8].

Cactus juice can work as an alternative to chemotherapy like a synthetic retinoid. Retinoid is used in chemotherapy trials. 

8. It Relieves Women from Menstrual Cramps

Women who suffer from abdominal muscle cramp due to menstrual cycle may drink cactus juice for pain relief. 

The anti-spasmodic properties in cactus juice are very helpful in comforting women from their stress, abdominal tightness, and discomfort. 

It may be helpful and wise to have some cactus plants in the yard so their juice can be extracted whenever needed in such cases. 

9. It Works as a Nectar for Hangover

Besides lemon juice, cactus juice is prized by numerous people for treating a hangover. 

Overdrinking may cause inflammation, and cactus juice can fight inflammatory symptoms amazingly. 

One shot of cactus juice can alleviate your nausea, headache, loss of appetite, and dry mouth if you are overdrunk. 

10. Drinking Cactus Juice May Relieve from Free Radicals

A very important antioxidant property called betalain is present in cactus juice, which wards off the free radicals in the body [5]. This, in a way, gives your body a healthier function. 

Drinking cactus juice with vitamin C can build a great defense system inside your body, which may reduce age-related diseases. 

You Should Be Careful of These Side Effects of Cactus Juice

  • Bottled or processed cactus juice may affect your blood sugar level as they contain sugar additives.
  • When you buy cactus from vendors, it may contain bacteria and other harmful agents. These may reside in your body and cause many serious diseases if you don’t wash them carefully before using.
  • If you are sensitive to alcohol, sometimes cactus juice may make your hangover condition worse and add more headaches and vomiting.
  • You should drink cactus juice moderately if you are a new drinker of this wild plant. Because initially, drinking cactus juice may upset your stomach, cause bloating, and abdominal cramps. 

Final Words

By now, you know why the cactus juice has been treasured by the Americans and millions of people around the world. The health benefits mentioned above are quite good reasons behind its value.

Drinking cactus juice may even reduce your stress level and cool your mind. If you ever feel anxious and find nothing to comfort your mind, opt for a glass of fresh cactus juice, and see the difference.

You should make sure to consult your doctor before drinking cactus juice as it may interact with some kidney, pancreatic, or liver treating medicines. 

Since cactus is a wild ground plant, it may contain many ground components that are yet unknown to researchers. So, drink cactus juice moderately to keep your immune system in order. 

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