Motion sickness happens due to the movement of a vehicle. It’s a common problem in people who travel by bus, car, planes, and especially boats or ships. [1]

Anyone can get motion sickness. It happens when there is a conflict among your senses. Your muscle feels one thing, your eyes see another, and your inner ears sense something completely different.

Your brain can’t handle all these conflicting information. So, you end up feeling sick and dizzy.

Motion sickness isn’t a serious condition and can be treated at home. There are some essential oils for motion sickness that can help you get rid of this problem as well. [2]

This article looks into some essential oils to get rid of the symptoms of motion sickness.

Causes & Symptoms of Motion Sickness

Certain factors can give your brain conflicting signals during travel. The possible causes of triggering a motion sickness are:

  • Consuming too many sugary foods before/during travel.
  • Not eating or overeating before the travel.
  • Alcohol consumption.
  • Hot weather.
  • If you can’t see the road.
  • Dehydration
  • Reading or checking the phone during travel.

Motion sickness may attack suddenly, and you may have a cold sweat with nausea. You can have the following symptoms as well: [3]

  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Increased saliva production.
  • Pale skin.
  • Headaches
  • Breathing problem.

Best Essential Oils for Motion Sickness

Essential oils contain the components of some botanical herbs and spices. Some of these compounds help kill bacteria, relax the muscle, improve your digestion, and soothe nausea.

Let’s have a closer look at some essential oils that may help you with motion sickness:

1. Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger is a powerful spice that has been used in cooking for centuries. Its essential oil originates from the roots of the plant. [4]

Vomiting & nausea are two of the most common symptoms of motion sickness. Ginger oil can ease nausea and vomiting, thanks to its digestive and tonic properties. [5]

The oil works as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, laxative, and stimulant. It’s rich in carminative components that can soothe intestinal gas. [6]

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2. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil originates from a cross between water mint and spearmint. The oil is widely used to treat some ailments. [7]

Peppermint oil can be an ideal remedy to treat motion sickness. It’s because this oil contains anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. [8]

Menthol, one of peppermint’s key component can soothe nausea due to motion sickness. [9]

You may also have severe headaches while traveling. Peppermint oil can help you with that as well.

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3. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil possesses a wide array of health benefits. It can effectively treat nausea, vomiting, and any other symptoms associated with motion sickness.

Lavender oil has a positive effect on the nervous system. So, it can effectively treat nausea and vomiting, and help you to relax. [10]
The oil also contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. If you have digestive problems because of motion sickness, this oil can help you. [11]

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4. Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile oil is derived from the chamomile flowers. This oil is rich in numerous therapeutic properties that may help reduce the symptoms of motion sickness. [12]

Motion sickness can put you in a stressful situation. Chamomile oil has calming properties that can help you get relief from stress.

Besides, you may have dizziness and severe vomiting due to motion sickness. Chamomile oil can be a good choice for you.

5. Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel oil can treat digestive problems, nausea, and vomiting due to motion sickness with its wide array of medicinal properties. [13]

Motion sickness can trigger nausea, dizziness, and some other uncomfortable symptoms. Fennel oil can fight those symptoms. Its enticing aroma has a calming effect on the mind. [14]

You may also lose the appetite whenever you’re traveling. Fennel oil can deal with that problem as well.

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6. Cardamom Essential Oil

Cardamom oil is a natural antioxidant. Hence, it can help treat many ailments. [15]
Its spicy aroma can calm your mind whenever you’re stressed due to motion sickness.
Cardamom oil can treat digestive problems. It can also ease nausea and vomiting by calming the nervous system. [16]

Note: If you have asthma, epilepsy, or kidney problems, you’re recommended to avoid using cardamom oil. If you want to use this oil, consult with a doctor.

How to Use Essential Oils for Motion Sickness

You can use essential oils to relieve your motion sickness in several ways. Here are some of the well-known methods that you can try:


  • Mix 4 drops of any essential oil with 1 tsp of carrier oil.
  • Massage your abdominal area with the oil before you set off for a trip.
  • This massage can help relieve any stomach trouble. Thus, it works as a preventative measure.


  • Pour up to 3 drops of any essential oil to your car diffuser. Let the aroma soothe your discomfort throughout the journey.
  • Take a tissue paper and pour 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil. Inhale the aroma while breathing slowly.
  • You can also use a nasal inhaler instead of a diffuser. Pour three drops of any essential oil of your choice in an inhaler and enjoy the aroma whenever you want.

Precautions for Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are now a popular choice for reducing the symptoms of motion sickness. But it’s crucial that you know how to use them correctly. Otherwise, they can show an adverse reaction to your health.

  • Do not use pure essential oil directly on your skin. Mix them with a suitable carrier oil before topical application.
  • Do a patch test on a smaller part of your skin. If you have any allergic reaction, avoid further using.
  • Consult with a doctor before you use the above remedies for your children.
  • Keep the inhaler, diffuser away from children and infant.

Bottom Line

Motion sickness is quite common and nothing to be afraid of. By following some simple rules, you can enjoy your trip without any discomfort.

Always avoid heavy meal and alcohol before you start for a trip. Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated.

Also, use any of the above-mentioned essential oils to prevent the symptom of motion sickness.

But, if these remedies don’t work for you and you feel sick even after the journey is over, you should consult a doctor.

Don’t let the fear of motion sickness ruin your day. Take these preventive measures and get ready for your next travel destination.

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