Essential oils are therapeutic. Some of these oils are very good for relieving pain.

When you realize that your dog is suffering from arthritis, you should first take your pet to the vet. Get professional advice before using essential oils.

Sadly, there is no permanent cure for arthritis in dogs. The best you can do is help your little friend with the pain.

You may use a few of the oils that are recommended in this article and see which one is working the best for your dog.  [1] Pick the best one and use it on a regular basis. 

Essential oils for dog’s arthritis are complementary with prescribed medicine. It is always recommended that you seek the help of a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment of your dog’s health condition.

The article reviews all about dog arthritis, its causes, home remedies using essential oils, and some precautions to follow.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis means inflammation of the joints. Inflammation is a physical condition affecting one or more body parts. The area becomes red, swollen and very painful. Injury, old age or infections may be the root reason for arthritis. The disease leads to a lot of discomfort and stiffness.

There is a thin layer of cartilage the bone surfaces in joints. Joint fluid lubricates the movement of bones minimizing friction. 

When a dog has arthritis, the cartilage is damaged. Once the cartilage of bones gets damaged, friction between the bone increases. This causes a lot of pain. Damaged cartilages lead to further damage like a never-ending cycle.

The body reacts to this excess friction be forming new bone around joints leading to stiffness. Movement becomes restricted in dogs. Essential oils for dogs arthritis help with the pain, not the growth of cartilage. [2]

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Causes of Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis is a disease that usually happens to older dogs. The joint fluid naturally decreases with age. It could happen to puppies too as a result of bone and joint development problems. Arthritis can occur in many different places.

The cause of arthritis is abnormal rubbing of bones against one another. It can happen because of joint instability as a result of ligament damage, fractures or other sorts of trauma. Accidents, dog fights or even animal abuse can lead to arthritis. (3)

essential oils for dogs arthritis

10 Essential Oils for Arthritis in Dogs

1. Yarrow Oil

Yarrow is an essential oil that helps with a lot of things. It is suitable for wounds, allergy, bites, infections, and arthritis.

Yarrow has an anti-inflammatory quality that helps your poor suffering dog. It tends to both physical and emotional trauma. Deep blue yarrow works better than paler blue or green. [5]

2. Cedarwood Atlas or Himalaya Oil

This essential oils for dogs arthritis give your pet a crutch against stiffness in movement or signs of physical pain. This essential oil calms the mind while strengthening the body. It works as a flea repellant as a bonus.

This oil is an antiseptic that cleans the lungs, anticatarrhal and expectorant. If your dog has the coughs, this is a good choice. Some other benefits of this oil include assistance to kidney function, hair growth, [6]

3. Copaiba Oil

Copaiba is a well-recommended oil for the use of arthritis in dogs. You can add some coconut oil with Copaiba based on the weight of the animal.

Helichrysum also is mixed with Copaiba to improve the circular flow of blood and repaired damaged tissue and cells. The combination tends to the aching body while letting the body naturally heal. [7]

4. Clove Oil

Clove goes down in the history of home use for its pain-numbing property. It is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral, anti-viral and it also repels parasites. Rubbing a diluted mixture of it onto the affected spot activates it.

The combination of warfarin and aspirin is terrible. Make sure that it is well diluted because it may result irritate the skin. Don’t let your dog have it in large amounts. Always buy it from a place with a good reputation. [8]

5. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces swollen areas to provide relief. The oil is also an antiseptic that caters to infections.

Finally, it is an analgesic meaning; your dog has something for its pain. Overall It combats arthritis in several ways making it an excellent pick among essential oils for dogs arthritis.

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6. Wintergreen Oil

Humans use wintergreen for headaches, nerve pain, arthritis menstrual cramps and ovarian pain. It’s also right or belly aches and gassiness, asthma, pain, swelling, fever and different kidney problems. Some people use it for lower back pain and muscle sores too. [9]

Wintergreen releases a derivative of aspirin. Sadly aspirin can be poisonous for cats and dogs. When you start using it, do not use much. See what happens. If the effects are beneficial, you may continue with tiny doses. Is Stop the treatment right away when you see signs worsening. [10]

7. Rosemary Oil

Rosemary sparks up dishes. The herb has been told to increase memory and sooth muscle pain. It also aids the circulatory and nervous systems. Your canine friend is suffering from a lot of pain that rosemary handles.

It is important to note that some dogs have been seen to have seizures after ingesting rosemary. Check that your pet does not have a history of seizures. Rosemary is in a lot of products. Keep these products away from your seizure prone dog. [11]

8. Arnica Montana Oil

Arnica is a small yellow blossoming plan. It is used externally for arthritis patients. Arnica helps with a long list of things. It helps with a lot of stuff including Bruising, soreness, pain, muscle cramps, Abscess, Hematoma, heart conditions, strokes, hair loss, and insomnia

Arnica at 30C or 200C potency is common. You should first give one dose and see how the dog responds. If the pain is excessive, then administer it every thirty minutes.

You can take advice from a homeopathic professional about Arnica and other essential oils when you have made up your mind regarding a particular treatment (12)

9. Cannabis Oil

Cannabis is good for arthritis in dogs. For humans, medical marijuana is in the front line of battle against the legal system on behalf of professionals who want to treat their patients effectively.

It helps cancer patients with their appetite, sleep, and pain. It’s hard to find a person or an animal who has died from too much cannabis. It is notorious for supplying endless giggles, silly behavior, and genuine peace.

Your dog will genuinely benefit from Cannabis if he or she has arthritis. It will help with the pain that haunts your dog. Sleep and appetite will improve too. Your dog will be more relaxed and lazy substantially reducing further accident possibilities.

You can give your dog the oil or cook food with cannabis in it. The internet is full of hash brown recipes. You and your dog will love it. You do not have to fear about dosage but try not to party too hard. ([3]

10. Meadowsweet Oil

Meadowsweet also knew as Spiraea, the origin word of aspirin helps with arthritis in dogs. It has the properties needed to fight arthritis.

Meadowsweet is an anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and analgesic. When you get Meadowsweet, make sure that it’s not mixed with NSAIDs. It will work like a herbal aspirin for your dog. [14]

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How to Use Essential Oils for Dog’s Arthritis?

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the essential oils for dogs arthritis gets to know how to use them correctly. You can use essential oils in all sorts of ways.

The priority is always your dog’s safety. Always dilute the oils before usage. Here are a few ways to administer oils.

  • Use an electric nebulizing diffuser. You can find these in aromatherapy supply companies. It will allow your dog to inhale it out of the surrounding air.
  • Add a couple of drops into a spraying bottle full of water. Spray it all around the room and some on the dog’s coat. Do not spray on the dog’s face or genitals.
  • Apply drops of the oil on your dog’s collar and in its bedding.
  • Use your own hands. Rub some oil into the coat of the animal with your hands and fingers.
  • You can add twenty drops of oil into the shampoo that you use on your dog. Bathe your dog with the mixture on a regular basis. [15]

Precautions While Using Essential Oils for Dogs

This article has revealed many essential oils for dogs arthritis. You also know how to use these oils. It’s good to be loaded up on relevant information. Remember these points as they are essential.

  • Don’t mix essential oils with drinking water. It is not as effective this way and may lead to adverse reactions.
  • Don’t use it on puppies under the age of ten. You may use hydrosols for young puppies. If your puppy is sick, it is essential that you go to the vet for advice before starting treatment.
  • Inhaling is the best way to go. Do not mix random oils to see what happens. Some combinations work while others cause new problems.
  • Dogs are sensitive to essential oils. When you are using oils, it is necessary to dilute them. This law stands strong regardless of the manner of administration.

When to Take You Dog to a Vet?

Before you start administering essential oils, it is mandatory to get the right advice from the vet. The symptoms of your dog may be related to other condition that needs medical attention. The vet can pinpoint the exact source of pain by examining your dog.

Joint flexion and extension can tell you where the pain is. After the necessary examination, your vet may do x-rays and other tests for confirmation. He will try to figure out the cause of the problem. A tiny sample of joint fluid and blood examinations can reveal a lot. [4]

Bottom Line

Cartilage does not grow back to the way it was. When your dog gets arthritis as a result of old age or trauma, the damage goes downhill. The more it moves around, the worse it gets.

Joints become stiff, and pain spreads.

Essential oils for dogs arthritis can give your dog some peace and relaxation as a consolation for their permanent disorder.

The oils are suitable for inhaling, spraying and other ways. Dilute the oil before use. You will find temporary cures for inflammation and pain that you can repeat if your dog responds positively. [16]

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