A hangover is the collection of various unpleasant psychological and physiological effects that you can experience after drinking too much alcohol, such as wine, beer, whiskey, etc.

The symptoms usually build after waking up in the morning following a big night out. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that it causes dehydration, which eventually leads to headaches, dizziness, body aches, stomach upset, and nausea. 

Sometimes symptoms like headaches and nausea don’t go away even after drinking enough water and eating well. In that case, some essential oils for hangover may help you to get rid of these symptoms.

Remember, these therapeutic oils won’t necessarily cure a hangover, but they will accelerate your healing process and reduce the recovery time.

Continue reading if you want to know which essential oil you can use if you have a hangover.

Essential Oils for A Hangover

1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint essential oil can be an excellent choice if you’re dealing with headaches and nausea due to excessive drinking. 

The analgesic properties of this oil can help relieve headaches, as well as body aches. [1]

Several studies have proven the efficacy of peppermint oil is reducing nausea and vomiting. [2, 3]

Applying this therapeutic oil to your skin or inhale it through diffuser may clear your head and give you a rush of energy while soothing headaches and nausea.

essential oils for a hangover

2. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is a natural expectorant, meaning that it can help remove toxins, such as alcohol from your body. [4]

It comes with a peppermint-like minty aroma and gives a cooling sensation when applied topically, which is particularly useful for treating headaches.

In a clinical trial conducted by German researchers, eucalyptus oil provided relaxing effects on muscles and senses and improved cognitive functioning of those who had a headache. [5]

The analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antinociceptive components of this essential oil can reduce your headache due to hangover by blocking pain signals. [6]

3. Ginger Oil

For years, ginger oil has been used to treat a number of ailments, including nausea, upset stomach, respiratory problems, and many more.

This essential oil is quite famous for treating different kinds of pain, including headaches. [7]

Nausea is a common problem for those who consume excessive alcohol, and ginger oil is quite effective in soothing this symptom.

In a randomized clinical trial, pregnant women who took ginger experienced a significant reduction in nausea and vomiting compared to the placebo group. [8]

Both topical application and inhalation of this essential oil may help you to get relief from the symptoms of a hangover.

4. Lemon Oil

The refreshing and energizing aroma of lemon oil may give you instant relief from nausea, a common symptom of a hangover.

This therapeutic oil is highly effective in easing symptoms like head spinning and dizziness.

A 2014 research shows that inhaling lemon essential oil could effectively reduce nausea and vomiting in pregnant women. [9]

Moreover, the study also ensures the safety of this therapeutic oil. [9]

5. Rosemary Oil

Rosemary essential oil is derived from Rosmarinus officinalis, an evergreen shrub that comes with needle-like leaf and woody aroma.

Excessive drinking cause dizziness, which can make it difficult to focus on anything in the morning. Rosemary oil may help you become more alert by increasing the cerebral blood flow. [10]

Besides, rosemary oil is considered as a go-to solution when it comes to treating minor conditions like headaches.

It’s because the antinociceptive effects of this oil can block the pain signal, giving you relief from headaches and body aches due to a hangover.

essential oils for a hangover

6. Lavender Oil

Having a restful and uninterrupted sleep is quite important to recover after a night out that involves alcohol. Lavender essential oil can help you with that.

This is one of the most popular essential oil that is used to treat insomnia, nausea, headaches, pain, inflammation, and many more.

A study on 67 middle-aged women shows significant improvement in sleep after receiving aromatherapy using lavender oil. [11]

Another pilot study published in 2002 reveals that patients who used surgery supplemental oxygen added with lavender oil reported a higher satisfaction rate with nausea and pain control. [12]

How to Use Essential Oils for Hangover Cure?

  • Dilute a few drops of the essential oil. Apply it to your forehead and temple to get rid of headaches.
  • Rub a few drops of the essential oil on your stomach to soothe nausea and vomiting.
  • Pour a few drops of the essential oil into a diffuser and inhale the aroma to soothe dizziness and nausea.

Safety Tips While Using Essential Oils

  • Some essential oils, such as lemon oil can make your skin photosensitive. Do not go to direct sunlight after applying this oil on your skin.
  • Always remember to dilute essential oil with a suitable carrier oil for topical application.
  • Store the essential oils in a cold and dry place. Keep them away from children.
  • Purchase essential oils from a reputed supplier to get the high quality, therapeutic grade oil.
  • Before applying on your skin, do a patch test to make sure that essential oil suits you.

Bottom Line

Exactly how much alcohol will cause a hangover and how severe it can vary from person to person. It sometimes depends on the tolerance level of your body.

However, you can reduce your chance of getting a hangover by drinking enough water and having food before you drink. 

It’s because, food can decrease the amount of time it takes for alcohol to enter into the bloodstream, thus keeping a lower alcohol level in your blood.

While there is no such cure for a hangover, you can reduce the symptoms using some home remedies like essential oils. However, if you really want to avoid a hangover, drink in moderation.

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