Copaiba essential oil comes from the steam distillation of copaiba trees oleoresin. This tree is a native of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. The scientific name of this tree is copaifera officinalis.

Oleoresin is the raw material of copaiba oil. It is a sticky and transparent substance from the branches and trunks of this tree.  (1)

Copaiba oil has a woodsy and mild aroma. It is pale yellow or clear white and has a mild bitter taste.

This herbal oil is a new name for the health concerned people. But it has a glorious tradition among the Native Americans for more than four centuries. (2)

This article reviews the evidence based benefits, uses and therapeutic properties of copaiba essential oils.

Benefits of Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba essential oil is beneficial for your health and skin in many aspects. The following list contains some uses and health benefits of copaiba essential oil. Let’s take a look at these.

1. Copaiba Essential Oil is Beneficial for Healthy Skin

We all want a clean and healthy skin. Copaiba essential oil can be an excellent skin care product in your beauty routine. It has natural collagen to make your skin firmer and youthful again.

Copaiba oil regenerates your skin tissues with moisturizing and toning effects. Besides, this oil can cure some chronic skin conditions as well.

Let us know how copaiba oil works against acne, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, and scars.

  • It Can Battle Acne, Psoriasis, and Eczema

Acne is an embarrassing skin condition. It begins in clogged pores. That means the oily secretions of your oil glands clog the hair follicles or pores. The clogs may form a blackhead or a whitehead on your skin. Both of these may result in inflamed acne.

Copaiba oil can do miracles on your skin. Because, it contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It can treat skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Copaiba oil can reduce pimples and redness of the skin that come with acne and psoriasis.

Research gives the evidence of the effectiveness copaiba oil. Only 1% oil solution can decrease the amount of acne on the affected skin. (3)

Key Takeaway:

Copaiba oil is rich in anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties. These components can work against the harmful molecules of psoriasis and eczema. Thus it reduces the scaling and redness of skin among victims.

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  • Copaiba Oil May Remove Scars, Stretch Marks and Skin Sagging

You may regret some stubborn scars on your skin and wish it had vanished. Here is the good news! A regular topical application of copaiba oil can treat the unwanted scars on your skin.

Stretch marks are very common. You may get these long streaks or lines on your thighs, breasts, upper arms, and on the stomach for some reasons. These include pregnancy, puberty, weight gain, and loss, etc.

Copaiba oil is a natural remedy for your stretch marks and sagging skin. It can boost the collagen in your skin and give you a taut, elastic, and firmer skin.

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2. It May Treat Autoimmune Conditions

Your immune system can guard your body against all kinds of bacteria and virus attacks.

But, sometimes your immune system can work against itself. Then it can attack the healthy cells with autoantibodies. We call these autoimmune conditions.

A recent study has shown copaiba oil can fix some of the autoimmune disorders. These include multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatism, and arthritis. (4)

  • Copaiba Essential Oil May Treat Lupus

Lupus is a skin disease that gives you rashes, fatigue, and joint pains. It also affects your heart, kidneys, and brain. Copaiba oil contains a high level of beta-caryophyllene. Thus, it can lower the inflammation of lupus and treat it.

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  • It May Soothe Rheumatism and Arthritis

Had you ever suffered from rheumatism and arthritis? If yes, then you would know how it stiffens your joints and gives your pains, redness, and swellings. Copaiba oil massage is an absolute treat for arthritis and rheumatism.

3. Copaiba Oil is An Anti-Inflammatory & Pain Reliever

Copaiba oil has beta-caryophyllene. It is the secret of a high level of anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of the oil. (5)

A single drop of this amazing herbal oil has more than 50% Beta-caryophyllene. This is way too more than present in any other oils. (6)

Doctors in Brazil prescribe it for all sorts of pains and inflammatory diseases.

A vitro study has found that copaiba oil could improve the health of rats with abdominal defects. (7)

It can also lower the stimulus of pains and injuries. Another medical research has proved that (8)

Copaiba oil can relieve you from all kinds of aches and pains. These include headaches, migraines, arthritis and gout, muscle cramps, pains, etc.

Key Takeaway:

Copaiba oil contains Beta-caryophyllene. It’s an anti-inflammatory and analgesic component that can reduce pain and in
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4. It May Protect the Liver

Copaiba Essential Oil May Protect the Liver

Paracetamol or acetaminophen is a popular pain-relieving medication. But next time you pop a painkiller pill, you should think twice. Paracetamol has harmful side effects in causing your liver damage.

It’s time you replaced all the over the counter pain killing drugs with Copaiba oil. It is a natural remedy for your headaches and muscle pains. Moreover, copaiba oil could repair the damaged liver caused by acetaminophens. A study conducted on rats showed that. (9)

But, you should stick to guidelines and never cross the limit of doses when consuming this oil. If you are orally administering this oil, keep it to 2 drops at most. You can dilute the oil with any of the carrier oils such as coconut oil and then consume it.

Key Takeaway:

Copaiba essential oil is a safe alternative to painkillers. It can also protect your liver.

5. Copaiba Essential Oil May Protect the Brain

The raw material of copaiba oil is oleoresin.

A recent study has proved its neuroprotective performance. Scientists administered copaiba oil to a group of rats. Those rats were with severe damage to the motor cortex or nervous system. The treatment gave evidence of improving neuro functions of the rats. (10)

6. It is Good for Oral Health Care

Some studies have proved the potential effects of copaiba oil in oral health care. The surprising fact about this oil is that it is safer than other essential oils when used orally. It doesn’t have cytotoxic elements and works as a comfortable root canal sealer. (11)

Streptococcus mutans bacteria are the villain in your mouth. It leads to tooth decay and cavities. It is evident that copaiba oil is a bacteriostatic agent. Thus, it is effective in preventing these bacteria from surviving and reproducing.

Key Takeaway:

Some bacteria cause cavity and tooth decay. Copaiba oil can be the safest option to prevent the bacteria.

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7. Copaiba Oil Can Fight Infections

Copaiba oil is rich in active antibacterial and antifungal properties. These components make it an ideal treatment for bacterial and fungal infections. It has a terpene chemical structure to deal with fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.

A recent study on the effects of copaiba oil on sepsis proved to be particularly favorable. (12)

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8. It May Heal Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is your difficulty to control the flow of your urine. You may end up wetting the bed. It is an embarrassing condition both for children and adults.

It happens due to losing the control of urinary tract and bladder muscles. You can avoid this condition by massaging copaiba oil on your lower abdomen before you hit the bed.

9. Copaiba Oil Can Heal Wounds and Insect Bites

When it comes to the healing of wounds and cuts, we look for solutions that are the most trustworthy.

Copaiba oil is rich in potent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic properties. Thus, you can put your trust in it.

 So this soothing oil is efficient to treat all sorts of minor cuts, wounds, insect bites, scrapes, and burns. A few drops of this oil can reduce the pain, swelling, and redness of the inflammations.

10. It Can Treat Sore Throats and Congestion

Aromatherapy using copaiba essential oil can treat your sore throat and chest congestion. The oil contains anti-inflammatory properties. It can clear your clogged up respiratory tract and chest from excess mucus formation.

Copaiba oil can help relax your irritating sinuses, respiratory glands, and muscles.

So, this oil can be an excellent solution to check all these problems at the same time. The oil is useful for treating a common cold as well.

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11. Copaiba Essential Oil for Anxiety and Stress

The woodsy fragrance of copaiba oil can enhance your mood and emotional well-being. It is an antidepressant and can relieve you from the anxiety and stress of a hectic day.

There are a lot of mood-boosting products on the market which comes with the risks of side effects. Copaiba essential oil is all natural and has no adverse reactions to your body.

You can pour a few drops of copaiba oil into your diffuser and go for a good night’s sleep. The fantastic aroma of the oil will help you have a good sleep.

You will wake up with a fresh mood with all the positive emotions, trust me.

Key Takeaway:

Copaiba oil is a natural antidepressant. It can improve your mood without any side-effects on your body.

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12. It May Help Lower the Blood Pressure

Copaiba essential oil is a blessing for your heart’s health. One of the main reasons behind a heart attack or stroke is high blood pressure.

High blood pressure creates strain and tension in your blood vessels. It causes atherosclerosis. And in the long run, it leads to heart attack, stroke and other coronary heart diseases.

Solution to all these problems can be a straightforward remedy. Add copaiba essential oil in your health care regime.

The oil is quite soothing and contains potent anti-inflammatory properties. The use of this oil provides relief to your blood vessels from all the strains and tensions. Thus it  boosts your heart’s health.

Key Takeaway:

Copaiba essential oil contributes to the lowering of your blood pressure. Thus it can improve your heart’s health.

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How to Use Copaiba Oil with Recipes

There are many ways of using copaiba oil, based on the ailments you are trying to treat. Some of the processes are

1. Inhalation

This method refers to breaking the oil particles in a diffuser and spread it in the air. Its sweet aroma can enhance your mood. Besides, its health-promoting properties treat congestion, sore throat, and other respiratory disorders.

2. Copaiba Oil Steam Therapy

You can also go for a steam therapy using copaiba oil. It can reduce your congestion and bronchitis.

Try this steam therapy using copaiba oil:

  • On a bowl of steamy hot water pour 15 drops of copaiba oil, 10 drops of lemon oil and 30 drops of tea tree oil.
  • Cover your head with a towel and bend over the steamy bowl.
  • Inhale the evaporations with your open mouth and nose.
  • Repeat the process once daily until you heal.

3. Copaiba Oil Bath

You can treat yourself to a rejuvenating copaiba oil shower. It will be helpful if you are suffering from joint and muscle pains due to arthritis.

How to take a copaiba oil bath:

Add copaiba, peppermint and frankincense oil 1 drop each to 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Add ½ cup of Epsom salt in it. Pour this mixture into your warm bath water and soak yourself in it for 20 minutes. Indulge in this reviving practice every night before you go to bed.

4. Topical Application for The Skin

You can apply this oil to your skin for eczema, acne, stretch marks, scars, and psoriasis problems. It’ll rejuvenate your skin and give you a youthful feel.

Here’s how you can use copaiba oil on your skin:

Add 4 drops of copaiba essential oil to lavender and frankincense oil 3 drops each. Now, soak a cotton ball on the solution and apply it to your acne, stretch marks or scars. A repetition of the process twice a day for a week can bring back a healthy skin.

5. Oral Ingestion

You must follow specific guidelines if you are consuming copaiba oil.

Learn how you can consume copaiba oil:

Copaiba oil is safer than any other essential oils when ingested. You should fill a capsule with a few drops of copaiba oil or dilute it with some honey before you consume it.

6. Massage

How to use copaiba oil for massage:

You can massage your chest and muscles with this oil for relieving many kinds of aches and pains. You may have pains due to arthritis, rheumatism, insect bites, congestion, and gout.

Make sure to dilute the oil with your favorite carrier oil before you apply it to any part of your body.

If you are prone to allergic reactions, do a patch test and see for any adverse reactions of the oil on your skin. For a patch test, take a drop of the oil and massage it on your elbow and observe its response.

Chemical Composition of Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba essential oil has a complex chemical composition. Some of its basic chemical compounds include:

  • Beta-caryophyllene
  • Alpha-copaene
  • Beta-bisabolene
  • Alpha-bergamotene
  • Daniellic acid

50% of this miraculous herbal oil consists of beta-caryophyllene. This vital biochemical manages your emotional trauma and improves your health. (13)

Copaiba oil is rich with beneficial properties. It is famous for its potent natural anti-inflammatory compounds.

But, there has been a research on the chemical composition of copaiba oil. It suggests a host of other vital micro-nutrients, vitamins, and health-promoting properties. (14)

The list includes antiseptic, cicatrizant, analgesic, antifungal, antibacterial, emollient properties, and many more. (15)

Copaiba Essential Oil Side Effects and Warnings

You can consume copaiba essential oil in limited dosage to treat some of your ailments.

But, if you cross the dosage, it can bring on adverse reactions on your body. You may have abdominal pains, food poisoning, and allergy.

Make sure you’re using this oil in limited dosage, as an overdose of this oil could be harmful.

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