Hops essential oil comes from the blossoms of hop plant. Hop plant is significantly used as medicine herb for thousands of years. It is commonly used as a key ingredient in preparing beer for its bitter flavor [2].

The scientific name of hop is Humulus lupulus. Hops have a long history of its use in herbal medicine from the 9th century in Europe. They are commonly used to treat a variety of ailments such as indigestion and leprosy. [3]

In Europe, hop is cultivated in Germany, Great Britain, Poland and the Czech Republic. In Asia, some areas of China and Japan grows hops to some extent [4].

Scientists started to study the effects of hops in a human body when it became an key ingredient for beer manufacturers [3]

Hops were historically used in herbal medicine since 1500s as it contains high levels of phytoestrogen elements. It can prevent insomnia and certain types of cancers. Hops have been also used to help women in their menopause and endometriosis  [5].

The following list discusses numerous health benefits of hops essential oil, plus precautions and recommended dosage.

9 Benefits of Hops Essential Oil

hops essential oil


1. Hop Essential Oil Can Reduce Body Odor.

Deodorant with the components of hops has a specific zinc salt which helps to reduce body odor[6]

Hop is available in many variations with its distinct odor characteristics which can be used to compose their essential oil.

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2. Hop Essential Oil May Treat Insomnia.

Hop is traditionally used to treat sleep issues. The extracts of hop contain relaxing ingredients which is good for sleep. It enhances the quality of sleep so you will wake up with a fresh and energetic feeling [7].

The journal PLOS One investigated the effects of non-alcoholic beer with hops. The result showed that if beer mixes with hops, it can give sound sleep [5].

3. Hop Essential Oil May Control Menopausal Symptoms.

Hops have chemicals like estrogen. These chemicals help to relieve the symptoms of hormonal changes of menopause [8].

The sedative quality of hops oil helps to relax muscles and can overcome the discomfort of menstruation.

4. Hop Essential Oil May Treat Anxiety.

To function in your life properly, you should keep your body and mind calm. The smoothing properties of hops essential oil is used to reduce anxiety and stress. It can also help to deal with severe mood disorder [6].

The use of essential oil eventually becomes one of the most popular stress control techniques.

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5. Hop Essential Oil May Cure Indigestion.

Hops improve the digestive system of a body. People suffering from the various gastric disorder can use it as herbal medicine [9].

The antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties of hop oil is good for indigestion.

Hops essential oil become more effective when it combines with other essential oils with antibacterial properties such as lavender [6].

6. Hop Essential Oil is Good for Skin Care.

Hops essential oil is known as a home remedy to prevent anti-aging. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to protect skin from infections and irritations [5].

You can combine the oil with a small amount of water and use to the affected area of skin

7. Hop Essential Oil May Be Good for Hair.

Hop essential oil can make your hair stronger and thick. Its antioxidants properties can strength the scalp and reduce the amount of hair loss.

To get the better result, you can add some hop essential oil with herbal shampoo and massage to your scalp. Leave it for a while and wash your hair generally with water [9].

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8. Hop Essential Oil May Relieve Pain

Hops oil works as a source of relaxing muscles and body pain. It can also be used as a natural remedy for the pain associated with menstrual cramps [6] .

People suffer from sedative pain can use hops essential oil for its sedative qualities.

9. Hop Essential Oil for Heart Health

Hop essential oil is beneficial for heart health. It can use to prevent cardiovascular diseases [10].

Possible Risks and Precautions

  • Hops oil may cause skin irritation to some people. You can dilute it with any of the carrier oils such as coconut, olive, or almond oil to avoid irritations.
  • Hops are not recommended for children, pregnant women.
  • Hops can create depressions in worse cases.
  • As hops oil contain estrogen, people suffering from breast cancer, thyroid diseases should avoid its usages [11].
  • Stop taking hops at least 2 weeks before surgery. It can create extreme sleepiness if it combines with anesthesia [6].

Appropriate Dosing

The factors such as age, health issues have an effect on the appropriate dose of hops oil. There is no scientific information to determine its proper dose. If you want to take hops oils for insomnia or other conditions, you should avoid taking any extra dose [6].

Follow the proper direction on the production levels and also consult to your physician before using it.

Bottom Line

Hops plant is commonly associated with preparing beer but its use and benefits are more widespread. Hops oil is good for both physical wellness and mental health.

Despite the many benefits of hop oil, use it wisely to prevent its side effects. Follow your doctor’s order and stick to the recommended dosages.

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