Amyris essential oil originates from the Amyris balsamifera. Also known as West Indian Sandalwood, this tree is native to West Indies.

Unlike some other essential oils, amyris essential oil doesn’t come from the leaves of flowers. Instead, it is extracted from the bark that falls from the Amyris trees through steam distillation.

Amyris essential oil contains valerianol, elemol, and some other types of eudesmol. These properties are responsible for the numerous health benefits it provides.

This article looks into some potential health benefits of amyris essential oil.

9 Potential Benefits of Amyris Essential Oil

Here are some of the benefits you may get by using this essential oil:

1. Amyris Essential Oil May Relieve Anxiety.

The antioxidants, along with some other active components of amyris essential oil, has a positive impact on the limbic system.

This oil is widely used in aromatherapy as it can soothe the nerves and help you to relax.


According to the study published in the American Journal of Nursing Science, amyris essential oil can relieve anxiety and improve mood when used in aromatherapy.

The aroma of this oil has an uplifting effect that can reduce stress and irritability.

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2. It Can Promote Good Sleep.

Amyris essential oil can be particularly helpful if you have insomnia.

The calming properties of this essential oil can soothe your mind and relieve the tensions in your muscle.

Inhaling this oil before going to bed can help you to stay relaxed and fall into a deep sleep.

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3. Amyris Essential Oil is an Insect Repellent.

The aroma of amyris essential oil can be relaxing for human, but not for the insects.

Insects like mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, etc. find the fragrance of this oil quite unpleasant.

A study was published in the Experimental & Applied Acarology shows the repellent activities of amyris essential oil against black-legged ticks.

You can use this oil in scented candles, diffusers or mix it with a carrier oil to make a natural insect repellent.

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4. It Can Soothe Respiratory Conditions.

The antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of this essential oil can help soothe any respiratory infection.

Amyris essential oil can be used to treat sore throat, cough, bronchitis, mucus, and phlegm.

Inhaling this oil may give you comfort if you have cardiovascular fatigue.

5. Amyris Essential Oil May Boost Immune System.

Benefits of Amyris Essential Oil

Amyris essential oil may protect your body from bacteria, pathogens, fungi, etc., thanks to its antioxidants and antibacterial properties.

This essential oil can remove toxins that congest and distort the body to keep you disease free.

The antioxidants, along with other therapeutic properties help improve the immune system to keep you healthy and active.

6. It Can Cut Down Oxidative Stress.

Oxidative stress is responsible for the mutations of healthy cells that may cause chronic diseases, such as cancer.

Amyris essential oil has valerianol and three types of eudesmol that help reduce the oxidative stress within the body.

The antioxidants found in this oil can fight against the free radicals that attack your body.

7. Amyris Essential Oil Delays Skin Aging.

The antioxidant properties make this essential oil an important ingredient in anti-aging skin care products.

It can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots associated with aging.

Besides, amyris essential oil can regenerate the skin, improve its elasticity to make your skin look younger and healthy.

8. It May Improve Cognitive Function.

A neurodegenerative disease, dementia, and poor memories are the signs of weak cognition.

Studies have shown that the therapeutic properties of amyris essential oil can boost cognitive functions.

When inhaled, it’s uplifting aroma can stimulate your neural pathways, thus increases focus, retention, and concentration.

9. Amyris Essential Oil May Detoxify Your Body.

Environment, food, and poor lifestyle habit increase the toxicity levels of the body.

The medicinal components of amyris essential oil can stimulate urination, perspiration, and digestive systems. It may help cleanse the body by removing the toxic elements.

You can inhale the oil from the bottle or diffuse it to detoxify your body slowly.

How to Use Amyris Essential Oil

Amyris essential oil can be used in different ways based on your requirements.


Pour a few drops of amyris essential oil into a diffuser and let the aroma spread throughout your home. It will help reduce respiratory problems, induce proper sleep. Besides, your house will be free of insects as they hate its scent.


Dilute a few drops of this essential oil with a suitable carrier oil. Massage your chest, back, and throat to relieve cough, bronchitis, and influenza. You can mix a few drops of amyris essential oil in your daily moisturizer as a part of your skincare regime.

Amyris Essential Oil: Is There Any Side Effect?

Like the other essential oils, amyris also possesses some minor side effects, including:

  • If you have sensitive skin, topical application of amyris essential oil may irritate your skin. Apply a few drops of this oil to the less sensitive are of your skin. Wait for 2-3 hours to see if you’re allergic to this oil or not.
  • You are highly recommended not to use this oil if you have chronic diseases like epilepsy, terminal illness, and even cancer. Certain medications may react with this oil. Ask your doctor first if you want to use it.
  • Consuming amyris essential oil can cause nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach.
  • There’s no proven study about the potential side effects of this oil for the pregnant and breastfeeding women. But, you must consult with your physician before using this essential oil.


Amyris essential oil is usually nontoxic and nonirritant. You will not face any potential threat for using this oil unless you’re under certain medications.

Whether you’re buying this essential oil from a store or online, check the authenticity of your supplier.

Do not orally consume amyris essential oil. Diffusing this oil will provide the required internal effects, meaning that you don’t need to consume it.

The incredible aroma of this essential oil helps you relax while providing you with its numerous health benefits. Use it moderately under proper guidance to get most of its benefits.

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